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    Hi everybody. I bought an iphone 1.0.0 , updated it to 1.0.2 and then unlocked it using anySIM 1.0.2 like everybody did. After that I noticed that it restarts automatically whenever I use it. It can be anytime. It usually happens 1) when I "slide to unlock", or 2) when I put an earphone press the top button and press that button on earphone to listen to music. It's so annoying. These were just 2 examples when I have unexpected restarts. I thought it happens with everybody, but no, I have been to all the forums but nobody seems to be having this kind of problem. I tried to restore it, i tried to upgrade, than downgrade again, unlocked again, but nothing works. It again starts restarting automatically. It doesn't happen everytime. It happens unexpectedly. But still it is annoying . I hope you got me right and can help me. Thanks.
    2007-11-17 08:08 AM