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    I was wondering if anyone ran into this issue... not really a big deal, but i thought i would mention it... I installed the binkit 06 on my iPhone as well as web-shell, python etc... everything works awesome. i like the fact there is now a ping, ifconfig and other utilities on the phone.

    my issue is this, when i connect to my iphone with safari and web-shell on the phone it self and i type "ping" it says command not found. even if i browse to the sbin directory where ping resides it still wont execute. if i SSH to my phone from my computer the command launches just find, and i can ping out.

    once in the web-shell promt on the phone itself, i ssh'd back into the phone using the ssh2 client loaded on the phone, and now i could launch the ping command, i just thought it was weird how i would have to ssh back in to the phone (through the web-shell client) to get the command to launch... any ideas?
    2007-08-03 09:28 AM