1. flattop95's Avatar
    did you try it on another computer yet?
    wow, none of my avatars work, so it is blend
    oh and i am black
    90210 ftw!!!
    2008-06-17 03:57 AM
  2. ian1potts's Avatar
    Ok i have the same problem as you. one way of fixing your iphone is to purchase a new commboard. there is also a method that was givin to me (not had time to try) this method erases all the data of the iphone 100% then you restore after the erase

    How To: Fully Wipe Your iPhone - ModMyI - Wiki

    Heres the addres just follow the instructions then restore after it. need more help just pm me
    2008-06-17 12:01 PM
  3. woutorian's Avatar
    i replaced my logic board, it only cost me 100 euros and was done in 15 min. Phone is good as new.
    2008-06-24 09:14 AM
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