1. wiggy's Avatar
    I have spent all weekend trying to sync my calender to the iphone .

    My work calendar is in a sub folder in my outlook.While i tunes will sync perfectly with the normal calendar , the sub folder wont.

    Ok , so i have now gone down the route of outlook to google ..google to the phone .This is working fine , but when i open my calendar i have just the first few lines of my calendar event!!!

    Google and outlook show the event perfectly.

    Is there anything i can do ..change some settings , edit some file ..its driving me nuts .

    I dont think its just the sync software as i have tryed loads all weekend and they all do the same thing.

    Also i have a few stray calendar apointments that i cannot get rid of ..which file can i go to ( iphone browser ) to clear these or is there an easier way

    Many thanks
    2007-11-18 07:15 PM
  2. wiggy's Avatar
    mmm..nobody else having this problem then ..

    At least someone must know which file the calendar entries are stored !!!
    2007-11-21 07:21 PM