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    hey all i still seem to have some problems here... so long story short i tried to do the 1.1.2 jailbreak, messed it up and have been having probs ever since... now im at the point where i just downgraded the baseband and am at 1.0.2 jailbroken... my problem is still with the activation / restore.... the iphone seems to activate just fine and right now i have service, but my problem is when i recover in itunes. it comes up with the set up itunes page and says to eiter start a new number or recover from my backup...below that it supposed to say my fone number and the date and time of last sync.... well for some reason it says "n/a" for my fone numer and gives me the date and time of last backup sync.... now i have gone through with this backup restore 2 seperate times now and each time afterwards have gotten "no service" or no bars showing on the iphone itself.... now granted i just downgraded the baseband, so im not sure if things will go differently this time, but im wondering if anyone has had any experience with this issue and may be able to offer up some advice??

    please any help would be greatly appreciated. thanx
    2007-11-18 08:46 PM