1. shoeshoeshoe's Avatar
    i cant get into installer or poof
    and now i cant get any of my other apps back!!!
    2008-05-23 11:23 PM
  2. ajrulez's Avatar
    Can you elaborate a little more? What happens when you try to launch Poof? Does it crash? Does it hang\freeze?
    2008-05-23 11:27 PM
  3. desepticon's Avatar
    that was dumb
    My brother was eaten by wolves on the NJ Turnpike.
    2008-05-23 11:27 PM
  4. questioncom's Avatar
    lol this is funny. ssh into the phone i guess. or just restore and never do it again
    2008-05-24 12:40 AM
  5. cren110's Avatar
    actually there might be hope... from what I understand poof just adds a flag to hide the files from the springboard. Try sshing in to your device and look in the applications director y and find one that works then one that doesn't and see if there is any setting that u can easily change. Also maybe do some research on poof and how it hides the stuff... shoudln't be too hard to fix.. good luck!
    2008-05-24 01:18 AM
  6. ajl917's Avatar
    Do you have BossPrefs with one of them in the dock? Another way would be opening Poof through SSH, but I forget what command you type into the terminal part...
    2008-05-24 02:19 AM
  7. questioncom's Avatar
    best way is to ssh in, copy the folder to the right place
    2008-05-24 02:26 AM
  8. ekidd's Avatar
    how about unhide it, hide it again, then unhide it one more time. That happened to my buddies camera and photos app and that solved the problem
    2008-05-24 07:33 AM
  9. Apple iPie's Avatar
    that was dumb
    lol,exactly! I dont see other way,try to restore
    2008-05-24 09:56 AM
  10. desepticon's Avatar
    /Applications/Poof.app/Poof will allow to start the app from ssh
    My brother was eaten by wolves on the NJ Turnpike.
    2008-05-27 02:13 AM
  11. RogersJoel's Avatar
    Ok I am new to iphones but not new to modding phones and mobiles.

    However in my stupidity and while being preoccupied with TV i ssh deleted the poof app and dock app. Now i have no way at viewing my other apps.
    I thought that maybe if i resinstalled dock then i would be able to see my other programs again but i can't find where i can download Dock or Poof.
    Any thoughts people?

    Thanks in advnace
    2008-06-02 06:13 AM