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    I've seen a few other posts, but no solutions.
    I have a new 1.1.1 iPhone. When it's awake, I hear calls come in. When it goes to sleep, incoming calls do not wake it up and I get "missed call" message. When I press sleep button and it goes off to sleep. It will alert me to an incoming call if it comes in with in a minute or so, but after that... only missed calls

    No the phone is not set up for EDGE. This happens in wireless and non-wireless environs.

    I have also discovered that it will wake with incoming calls if it being charged up. But that still doesn't solve the problem

    Any suggestions?
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    2007-11-19 02:26 PM
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    Did you ever get this fixed. I had posted a fix to this and maybe it can help you...

    2008-12-16 12:10 PM
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