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    OK, so im sitting here at my computer surfing the web and i decide to check Installer for any new updates. I open installer and i realize the sources are taking forever to refresh. I notice my WiFi is not connected so i go into settings and select my WiFi (which has full reception). I go back into Installer and the sources refresh. 10 minutes later, when i want to go on Safari on my iPhone ( and im still next to my computer and router) my wifi is disconnected again. I go back into settings and it doesnt even auutomatically select my network. So i reselected it and again, 10 minutes later, it was no longer connected and i hadnt even moved once. this is really annoying especially when im on the itunes wifi store cause it keeps telling me to connect to a wifi out of nowhere. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME. THIS IS SOOOOOO ANNOYING!!!
    2007-11-20 08:01 AM
  2. vishnuvenky's Avatar
    Everytime u lock and unlock ur phone ( by pressing the top button)..the wifi gets disconnected..and has to be manually selected again...this holds true even for auto bypass this problem..install johns tool from installer...but i heard some bad things bout it in this forum ( it apparently reduces battery life..not sure bout this)
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    2007-11-20 09:13 AM
  3. toyvan's Avatar
    turn off wi-fi, click on settings icon>general>reset>reset network settings...after phone does it's thing, enable wi-fi again and input security code if applicable.

    works for me when I have a similar dilemma..cheers!
    2007-11-20 09:33 AM