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    after using skins that i foun in downlaod section wich i uploaded to customize / keypad / custom folder and running one of them my sms aplication started to crash... i tryed to back up files but no..it wont work.. when i runn sms its all cool until i try to type when keybord popups it crashes and close... safari same... only here keybord shows and when i click go button (wich is green) it crashes any help pleaseee ?! #$&**)!%!#%#4

    -update... from whereve it try to use keybord it crashes

    maybe some one can send me original keypad files and tell me where are they stored ? : BAH &[email protected]#$^%!&

    ok sorry for posting this so quickly before serching forum but i got panic so i found bunch of topic and i have a clue what could i do but i cant copy files int that framework folder ? any idea ?
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