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    Just wondering what people have discovered? I have iFuntastic and have made ringtones, but thats about it. Has anyone figured a way to make the speaker louder? Is it possible to put games on the iPhone? Has anyone figured a way to view videos on websites (not Youtube)? Or any other cool things? Thanks in advance.
    2007-11-21 05:44 AM
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    2007-11-21 05:46 AM
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    Search? helpful
    2007-11-21 05:48 AM
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    Hey man,

    first off... welcome to modmyi.com forums. This is the greatest source for iPhone modding that I've come across.

    Before I get you started on how to mod, I need to know what firmware you're running... (1.0.2, 1.1.1, 1.1.2?)

    And to answer your question, there are a lot of games you can add to the iPhone (NES emulator and Gameboy emulator), you can also change the theme, and add tons off useful applications)

    Just lemme know your firmware and I can post the guides you'll need.
    2007-11-21 05:52 AM
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    Right on man, really appreciate it. I have been a member since the site launched but have really had nothing to contribute, but now I may. How do I find out what firmware? Nevermind 1.0.1.
    2007-11-21 06:02 AM
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    okay and two more things...

    1) What computer operating system?


    2) Do you want to upgrade to the 1.1.2 firmware for your phone (slightly more difficult to add apps) or stay with the 1.0.1?

    (The 1.1.2 firmware makes speaker slightly louder and adds a few different features)

    Also, as far as I know, you need a wifi connection and an SSH program to transfer certain files to the iphone (if you want more space for applications)
    2007-11-21 06:10 AM
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    Im currently using a MacBook Pro with OSX 10. The iPhone has the standard operating system it came with. Should I upgrade the firmware? I would like the speaker to be loud, but its not manditory. Thanks
    2007-11-21 06:18 AM
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    K. this is the easiest way I know how to add applications with the original firmware:


    This program will install an application called "Installer" on your iPhone.
    Installer will let you install applications directly from your phone.

    Lemme know if you need more help

    P.S. Just follow the instructions given with the program.
    2007-11-21 06:24 AM
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    Thanks, what can I do with it?
    2007-11-21 06:28 AM
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    "Somebody turn on the lights...its getting little to dark in here...I can't see you...when I'm dreaming...I can't see you....I can't see you..."
    2007-11-21 06:28 AM
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    Sorry Holmes, I dont copy? Is that some kind of insult or something?
    2007-11-21 06:32 AM
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    You can use it to install games, radio, themes, etc
    2007-11-21 06:34 AM
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    What are some of the things people are putting on their iPhones? Cool programs and such?
    2007-11-21 06:38 AM
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    You are lucky you found another newbie more interested in helping then modding. All of your questions have been answered several times. This just makes life easier on us, to have others help you instead of rambling about searching. BUT, I will presume my dictation on this thread, SEARCH.

    2007-11-21 07:02 AM
  15. ksig24's Avatar
    Now that I have the Nullriver program installed how do I use it?

    Hey Reako, how about instead of beating me up for asking questions helping me out. I was simply asking these questions because I tried to search for the answers, but I was having trouble finding them. So can you point me in the direction of a tutorial or user guide for firmware 1.0.1 and how to use the installer that I just loaded on my iPhone? Thanks
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    2007-11-21 07:11 AM
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    Im running 1.1.2 and want to know how I can download APPSNAPP. I had it with 1.1.1 but when I up graded my Iphone I cant get it back
    2007-11-21 09:23 AM
  17. Freshboiii's Avatar
    Is your phone jailbroken?
    2007-11-21 09:25 AM