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    I have a ongoing problem and truthfully it doesn't make sense to me.

    I have had a iPhone since day one, and have had it or them unlocked, activate, jailbroken now via ZiPhone.
    The phone works GREAT (1.1.4).

    At my residence I have a LAN as well as a WLAN up and running, with 2 MAC's, 3 PC's.
    I am using a Airport Extreme for my WLAN and well in respect to that my WiFi capability its great.
    I moved off a Netgear Router and Netgear Print Router, and it is my opinion the Apple Airport does it best!

    Though: every few weeks I find that I have to reset the Airport because I can't ssH via winSCP into my iPhone, today being one of those times.
    I think it timing out or something but I dont really know.

    Anyway I called APP Support a week ago to get my Airport reset they were great support but I could not really tell them what was going on because what am I going to say: hello (Apple Support) My issue is that I am unable to ssH into my iPhone so that I can move 3rd party applications around!
    Yes I can because I unlocked it!!!!!!

    Anyway can anyone shed any light on this for me PLEASE!!!!!

    My WiFi otherwise works, I can connect or am connected to the internet, network, as well as print with no problem.

    My DSL service power, router, all within the wireless network has not gone down, stopped to working, no power outage, nothing, other then I can't ssH into my phone unless I reset my Airport.
    I can even look for update applications within Installer, get my email via my WiFi network on my phone.

    Maybe there is a logical normal explanation but I dont get it.


    Should I take the lack of a response that this is only ever happened to me?
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    try reseting every thing iphone router and iv found that turning auto lock on on the iphone while ssh to ur phone because i had a lot of time outs whn i used to do it but that seemed to solve my problem
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    2008-05-29 07:25 AM