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  1. Renegade's Avatar
    Hey Guys.

    Got a question, and yet again my apologies if this question was already asked. I bought a iphone off ebay, but the person I bought it from did not include the receipt of purchase from the Apple store. So my question is in regards to warranty. If I happen to experience hardware troubles, and must look into getting it repaired, would they still take it in with just my serial number located in my iphone? Or do you absolutely need the receipt to bring it in? Thanks!!!
    2007-11-21 02:27 PM
  2. Freshboiii's Avatar
    Try contacting the original seller, asking for the receipt.
    2007-11-21 02:33 PM
  3. redcard's Avatar
    You will need a valid AT+T contract, as well as your receipt
    2007-11-21 02:34 PM
  4. Renegade's Avatar
    I did contact the seller, in which he tried saying he included it in the box. Receipt was not in the package when I got it :S. Say's he will look for it some more, but it doesn't seem like I'm going to be getting my hands on it. So RedCard, you are saying that if I am able to get that receipt, and I didn't/don't have a contract with AT&T means that I'm not entitled to that 1 year warranty? Even if I restore it back before sending it to apple? Sorry if these are dumb questions, still kinda new to this whole system. hehe
    2007-11-21 02:46 PM
  5. Freshboiii's Avatar
    To be honest, you wont need to send your iPhone in, unless you do soemthign really really stupid. Besides thats, you can use Restore mode, and any of use can assist you.
    2007-11-21 02:46 PM
  6. Renegade's Avatar
    Yaaaaa, but it's just the "what if..." that bothers, like I hear enough people claiming that after a month or so, the touch screen stops working and stuff either at the top or the bottom. IMO when you buy the phone at apple, (not much) but in that price, you are somewhat paying for that 1 year warranty .
    2007-11-22 12:56 PM