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    Hello friends,
    I am in a big problem. I used my money earned from every hard works to buy a iPhone.
    But because of some of my mistakes, it got some problems. According to different threads in this forum, I followed the stuffs like installing new firmware of 1.0.2 etc. But then suddenly it got showing some codes, check the image below:

    Then I followed this thread's steps to kick it up and it worked in some way. My iPhone started showing the correct screen. But as a side-effect it has became slow or say it freezes. When I turn it on, its Apple logo appears and last for some 2 to 3 minutes. Then the SLIDE TO UNLOCK screen comes.When I swipe, it stays at the same screen for again 5 to 7 minutes. Then makes that iPhone tune of touch and then the same screen appears or the main home option panel dock appears.
    When selecting any option, same thing, it slows down and freezes for long.

    And also starts showing that loading rotating circle image and the image also freezes, it doesnt rotates, just freezes with it.

    Update: Whenever I plug the iPhone to the computer, the iTunes shows this error - "iTunes could not connect to the iPhone 'iPhone' because an unknown error occured (0xE8000023) ."

    What to do?
    Plz suggest. I don't wanna loose my iPhone :S
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    2007-11-21 05:08 PM
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    Wow, no one there to help??
    2007-11-24 04:34 PM
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    put your iphone in restore mode, restore the firmware on it, and use proper up to date jailbreak/activating/unlocking methods this time around.
    2007-11-25 08:28 AM