1. page_neal's Avatar
    Hi All,

    Some things can get annoying on the iPhone/iTouch when the lyric apps require WiFi or EDGE, And some don't work no more due to legal reasons.

    But if you have a PC and a long list of songs on your iPhone/iTouch,
    and you want to add lyrics but doing everyone individually is more than annoying.

    EvilLyrics (Evil Lyrics - Lyrics search tool- Official site), Is a lyric application for the PC, Importing lyrics from the web for your iPhone/iTouch it works with iTunes and Windows Media Player.
    How it works is simple, load up EvilLyrics, and double click a song in your playlist in iTunes, and EvilLyrics automatically downloads the lyrics and adds them to your selected song in itunes in seconds, ready for you to sync them to your iTouch/iPhone

    Evil Lyrics - Lyrics search tool- Official site

    Remember in iTunes, Right hand click on a selected song > get info > lyrics.

    It's so good thought i'd share it with you
    2008-05-28 03:10 AM
  2. GregTheWang's Avatar
    Hmmm interesting... though I just prefer TuneWiki. It's really good, even has multilingual support!
    2008-05-28 11:30 PM