1. bklynsoulja's Avatar
    since i cant sync or connect with the usb wire after i activated my iphone you think i should just verginzie or w.e. u spell it than hardreset it and hopefully connect to itunes? i have a 1.1.1 activated tmobile iphone....i can use the phone but now i cant add music or charge with usb...when i plug it in my usb it wont even charge...i think i mess up sumwhere on anysims...but it did go successfully...i dunno y it dont connect now tho...please any advice?
    2007-11-22 07:32 AM
  2. catriple's Avatar
    First off... Please type in proper english. I cant even understand what you are saying to even attempt to help you!
    2007-11-22 07:35 AM
  3. fat x nub's Avatar
    virginizing the phone would not do anything to help u connect with USB....it is probably something else non realted to anysim....i would just restore it back to 1.1.1 and start over and see what happens....but try to send the phone onto DFU mode and see if ur computer will recognize it
    2007-11-22 07:36 AM
  4. bklynsoulja's Avatar
    basically and hopefully i can hard reset my ipod into recover mode and hopefully connect to itunes cause right now i cant connect nor charge with the usb wire
    2007-11-22 07:41 AM
  5. bkabner's Avatar
    The first time I tried to jailbreak my iPhone I must have done something wrong because iTunes wouldn't recognize my phone and when I tried to access iTunes from my phone it just opened up and crashed. I just did like the person above stated, put my phone in recovery mode and restored it to 1.1.1. After the restore everything worked great, I just started the jailbreak process over and hoped for the best. Just a quick hint, be sure to download a 1.1.1 image of the software instead of just clicking restore. Just simply clicking restore will restore the phone to 1.1.2 or the newest software available. I would jailbreak my phone first with 1.1.1 before I upgrade to 1.1.2; just for convenience purposes. I just don't like downgrading firmware on anything, always a dangerous process!
    2007-11-22 07:43 AM
  6. bklynsoulja's Avatar
    lol did ur iphone at least charge when u plug in the wire? cuz mys didnt
    2007-11-22 07:47 AM