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    Hello forum,

    I recently moved from the US to the UK, bringing my iPhone with me. I didn't feel like committing 18 months to O2, so I jailbroke and unlocked my 1.1.4 firmware after using iTunes to reset it to factory settings.

    Everything worked fine, and my iPhone recognizes UK phone numbers whether they're in the 07... or +44 7... format. I also modified the UIPhoneFormats.plist file as per [1] so that numbers dialed from the keypad have the right format.

    So, on to the problem: in my SMS app and call lists, US numbers are not always recognized and linked to contacts. In fact, only if the US number is formatted in full international mode (i.e. +1 555 123 4567) is it correctly linked to the appropriate contact. Also, messages received from UK numbers while I was in the US are pre-pended with 011 (i.e. 011 44 1234 567890), and these are not linked to contacts either.

    I've read a lot about correcting the iPhone's recognition of numbers, but most of the solutions aim to ensure that international numbers from the country where the iPhone is being used (the UK in my case) are recognized correctly - this is a different problem to mine.

    I'm sure there are some config files somewhere that need to have the correct patterns entered into them. Can someone well-versed in iPhone hacking point me in the right direction?

    Many thanks,

    2008-05-29 06:31 PM