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    Ok well my iPhone I have had for the last 2 months went to crap battery would die in 2 hours. Well I revirginized my upgraded to 1.1.1 phone and took it to apple store today they couldnt even get the thing to restore after finally getting it to turn on after 30 minutes. Well they replaced the phone its a week 44 judging from the serial and my and its 1.1.1 firmware and I turned it on and it goes right to the home screen and I can access everything. Anyone have clue as to how its not going to the activate with itunes screen ?? Not that I mind
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    2007-11-23 11:47 PM
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    Many of the refurbished units come that way due to the tests they undergo or i am told. One way of checking if you have a refurb is by checking the 1st three digits of your serial number. If it begins with something other than 7R7, 7U7, or 7S7, than you are the unknowing recipient of a refurbished iphone. But hey, it looks new, acts new, feels new so have fun.
    2007-11-24 11:17 AM