1. Natious's Avatar
    hey guys im new to this forum, but not new to forums if you know what i mean, and i have searched and tried some solutions but none of them worked..

    I recently got a 16gb iphone as a gift, it was unlocked with ziphone 2.5..

    I download some apps for it and all was sweet, one day i tried to send a txt and the keyboard was absolutly rooted it looked like colourful static. I can browse into the phone using iphonebrowser and replaced the artwork files, but that didnt do anything.

    also i have a whole bunch of blank apps which i have noidea how they got there, and i dont know how to remove them, if i click on one it brings up the textedit icon from osx and goes into a blank screen and sometime needs a restart.
    2008-06-01 04:53 AM