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    Hi all and I hope someone can help. My girlfriend got a single crack in her (16gb iphone 1.1.3 out the box unlocked and jailbroken by me with ijailbreak) we both have t-mobile and never activated with at&t. In an effort to see if Apple store would replace the phone I restored the 1.1.3 software in itunes. She had an appointment at the genius bar and the guy said they would replace it since it was only 1 crack, apparently if it is more than one or spiderwebbed they won't replace it. So they said the only way they could replace it is if it was activated with AT&T. I do not wish to have at&t service. I have been using T-Mobile with my iphone for some time and like it. My questions are.

    1. Is a restore enough to show you have not tampered (unlocked- jailbroken your phone) with the above mentioned software.

    2. What are my options?

    Thanks in Advance!
    2008-06-02 08:12 PM
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    First off, remember if the Apple employees says you need an AT&T account, say you know that Warranty is not dependent on activation, because it is true its not.

    Use Bootneuter, make sure your iPhone is at 4.6 Neuter Off Unlock Off and everything off pretty much then restore.

    Make sure you do research before using bootneuter, set auto lock to never and make sure you don't interrupt it. It could break your phone if you interupt it so read the how to.
    2008-06-02 08:20 PM
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    Yeah my girlfriend went down there the apple "Genius" said that he could not do anything with it unless there was an activated at&t sim. So you are saying this guy is lying? He also said if you can just borrow one from someone who has at&t service and just slap it in there. He did say they would give her a new phone though. I guess if I have to do that I can activate and cancel after the 30 days right?

    I have seen bootneuter is that required and since I have restored the phone I guess I would have to jailbreak and unlock the phone again to run it from installer. Is there not an easier way? I bought her phone in March. It has 1.1.3. Mine as well has 1.1.3 and it looks like the bootloader on mine is 4.6_m3s2. Does ijailbreak downgrade or alter files that restoring in itunes does not fix?

    I just want to get her back on her Iphone as quickly as possible but I do want the outcome to be her getting an iphone that does not have a cracked screen. Thanks for the help and suggestions.
    2008-06-02 09:20 PM
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    My friend turned his broken iphone back in to apple, after it being jailbroken, and he restored it, and just returned it. The apple guy didnt ask any questions, since it was back to original with the at&t sim card that came with it installed. He simply said he bought it, and the screen got cracked before he had the chance to activate it. I think that guy is lying. If you call apple, they will not even answer a simple question of yours unless you peove your iphone is at&t activated. I think they are pressed sooo much go make sure phones are at&t activated, but it can be done.
    2008-06-02 11:32 PM
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    So maybe he was acting like the mechanic does to the women and I need to go in there for her and raise the roof. If they insist on it being activated whats the best way to do so without being pinned to a contract with them?
    2008-06-03 12:01 AM
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    FYI the language of the Terms & Conditions listed on Apple's website state specifically that "activation is not required for waranty support"....I can't remember the exact words...but another user brought this to everyone's attention in another post. I went up on Apple's web & did find the statement.
    2008-06-03 03:01 PM
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    DoerrFan is exactly right. Warranty is not dependent upon activation, see this apple link:

    Just fill out serial number and country, the next page will give you the info.
    2008-06-03 03:01 PM
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    I spoke to an apple rep over the phone this morning. He opened a case # for this phone and I am going to call up on my lunch break to follow up and see what my options are. Any ideas what they are going to do? He said something about repair of the cracked screen. If this is the case do I need to rejailbreak and unlock the phone- since i did a restore of the original 1.1.3 software and use bootneuter as told by someone else or is the restore enough that they can't tell? I was hoping they would just replace it for me at the local apple store, but it sounds like they might have me send it in so what should I do in that case? a little nervous about it thanks for all your help!

    Ok after several calls to apple phone support. I am getting real upset. I have talked to 4 different reps all with different lines of BS except the last guy. 2 of the reps said I can mail it in for repair. One guy was a product specialist and he was the worst to deal with and left a bad taste in my mouth. He ended up hanging up on me after I was on the phone with him for nearly 45 minutes. He tried to tell me my phone is but isn't under warranty. I then told him if I could get his email I would mail him the link to apple stating activation is not required for warranty. Then he put me on hold for 15 minutes probably to verify with someone there that what I was saying was true. He came back and didn't offer any resolution except set up another Genius appt. and then we were disconnected. The last person I spoke with said he was opening another case # he seemed pretty knowledgeable and wanted to try and help quickly. He said that was wrong of the product specialist and that he would try and track him down for hanging up and not calling back, noting the original case # that we talked, and not responding to me in email. This rep also said I could mail it back and that not also am I still warrantied I have full phone support for 90 days from time of purchase. He said he would follow up but I haven't seen an email stating this new case # he mentioned. Though the phone people act sympathetic no one is giving my what I would like to resolve this. I would like to just show up at the store when I get out of work hand over the cracked phone and them give me a new one and they can send it in and refurb it or whatever they do. This has been a pain in the ***.

    ok after call #5 I actually reached someone that would help. I have an in store exchange set up for tomorrow! Just hoping they have some 16gb phones in stock.
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    2008-06-03 11:42 PM
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    Ahh cliff hanger to the story!

    djsun1, what happened? what did they say? where you able to get a new or repaired iPhone? Was a restore from itunes good enough? or is bootneuter crucial?

    I'm in the same predicament, so your experience helps me a lot.

    Hope to hear from you soon and Thank you!
    2008-07-24 07:06 PM
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    From what I heard when he went into the store for his Genius appt, they pulled him in back where Steve Jobs ate his soul.

    He will be missed
    2008-07-24 07:33 PM
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    did you just have to bring your iphone in or did u bring iphone with everything?
    2008-11-12 01:29 AM
  12. knarfsays's Avatar
    1. Set up appointment
    2. Hand over broken iphone
    3. Receive new from their stock pile
    4. Pay 200 bucks
    5. Walk out of store
    6. Jailbreak
    7. Unlock
    8. Enjoy
    2008-11-18 02:57 AM
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    ^^Or sell your cracked one for nearly $200 on ebay....

    And pick one up in good condition from ebay for maybe $100 more.

    Alot cheaper.
    2008-11-18 03:07 AM
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    From what I heard when he went into the store for his Genius appt, they pulled him in back where Steve Jobs ate his soul.

    He will be missed
    so u mean he went in to 4 his genius appointment and they pulled him into the back and left him there to to rot if that did happen it explains why he hasn't been on 4 6 months
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    2008-12-28 03:43 AM
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    if you call them they will ask for the imei or serial i cant remember and they replaced mine with it not even being activated with my phone number or my name, they just sent me the box, and they cant require you to have a att phone line because what if you bought the phone then canceled after 30 days and paid the 175 the phone is legally yours and you own it. they have to give you the warranty for 1 year still. IF you call in and basically tell them this then they should send you a box k

    a restore from itunes is good enough if you do this
    run bootneuter set it to 4.6, unlock no, fake blank no, and neuter no. then they cant even tell it has been jailbroken or unlocked becase when you restore it replaces all the files on the hard drive and the baseband.
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    2008-12-28 06:54 AM
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    I recently dropped my iPhone and cracked the screen. I was very upset to find out my Apple care would not cover this. I was about to pay Apple $199 for the repair until I found **EDIT CPJR - Link not allowed**. They repaired my cracked iPhone 3G glass + digitizer for only $75. The best part is that they fixed it the same day they got it! I had my phone back 48 hours after I sent it in!
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    2009-06-01 04:33 AM
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    ^Link removed, not allowed.
    2009-06-01 04:47 AM