1. fr3dd3v1l's Avatar
    Hi, help me. I have Iphone with firmware version of 1.01.
    After I want to upgrade the firmware by connecting to the itunes(v7.4), the itunes cannot detected the version and capacity of my iphone. It just said that it detectedan iphone. And everytime I want to restore my iphone,it keep failed and come out with error message.

    Right now in my iphone screen,it only appear a warning with saying: "Please Connect to iTunes"

    What should I do?
    2007-11-25 08:35 PM
  2. rexxiboy90807's Avatar
    I have this posted too. You're lucky that it detects it. Mine says connect to itunes but Itunes does not detect it (:
    2007-11-26 04:06 AM
  3. fr3dd3v1l's Avatar
    Yup. But the itunes also cannot detect the version of the software and ask me to restore the iphone. While restoring it keep fail
    2007-11-26 05:35 AM