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  1. quaan's Avatar
    alright i was running an unlocked iphone 1.1.1 with t-mobile
    then i followed the guide to installing appinstaller then installed oktoprep gave me a message OK to upgrade to 1.1.2
    connected with itunes and banged
    incorrect sim card
    2007-11-26 12:27 AM
  2. jedinight's Avatar
    moved thread to upgrading.please post in correct forum!
    2007-11-26 01:03 AM
  3. quaan's Avatar
    managed to jailbreak the phone
    but cant get anysim to work
    i thought you had to use anysim only once. this was a 1.1.1 version iphone out of the box that i followed the guides to downgrade to 1.0.2 and upgrade back to 1.1.1, then unlocked via anysim
    can anyone help, all i need to do now is unlock the phone
    2007-11-26 02:31 AM
  4. Fresh's Avatar
    Hello Quaan,

    anySIM 1.2 doesn't run in 1.1.2.
    You're now on 1.1.2. Downgrade to 1.1.1, jailbreak it with AppSnapp (
    In installer install BSD subsystem.
    Add source to installer.
    Install anySIM1.2.1u from installer.
    Close installer and go back to the springboard.
    Switch off the iPhone and insert your own SIM.
    Switch on the iPhone (unlock with your pin code, if any. This is important!).
    Ignore the "incorrect SIM" message and run anySIM.
    After anySIM finishes, install OktoPrep from installer (don't reboot your iPhone manually after OktoPrep!).
    Upgrade to 1.1.2 with iTunes (not in restore mode!) and jailbreak it with windows.bat (or the file jailbreak.jar if running Mac).
    Don't reboot the Phone yet! Move lockdownd to the /usr/libexec/ folder on your iPhone (with WinSCP or FUGU) to activate the phone.
    Now fix the SMS and Phone apps with iWorld installed from installer.

    Reboot the iPhone and you're ready to call!

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    2007-11-26 02:49 AM
  5. quaan's Avatar
    will try now thanks for the response will kepp you posted
    running all this on windws instead
    2007-11-26 04:51 AM
  6. Fresh's Avatar
    Let me know! If you need help, send me a PM. I'll help you through MSN.
    I'm running Windows as well.

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    2007-11-26 04:55 AM
  7. quaan's Avatar
    dude i am on msn too messenger
    add me [email protected]

    spelling mistake with hotmail sorry

    dude i just installed anysim 1.2.1u on it
    hope this works
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    2007-11-26 05:12 AM
  8. bkabner's Avatar
    I got my fingers crossed for ya! LoL If you follow the directions from fresh you will be fine....
    2007-11-26 05:22 AM
  9. Fresh's Avatar
    All fine now! He made it.

    2007-11-26 06:38 AM
  10. quaan's Avatar
    Thanks buddy!
    you really know your stuff!!
    2007-11-27 01:42 AM