1. sawmmie's Avatar
    Arighty guys, i got my iphone to get to 95% charged, i have the battery icon that displays the %, it says 95, and the little icon in the top right has the little plug so...

    when there is lightning bolt up top = charging?
    when there is plug = charged?
    will my phone ever reach full in the big bar?
    and should i just look at the top right and if its teh plug, then consider it charged?

    the problem is, when i go to usage in my phone, it says it will begin recording when fully charged, and according to the small icon op top, when its plugged in to charge, it is...

    so there is controversy within the phone and what its reading, and i need to know my usage...

    and ideas?
    just got the phone yesterday!

    thanks so much in advance!
    2007-11-26 02:36 AM