1. bmh4p's Avatar
    ok first off I know that there are at least two other threads that *seem* to solve my problem but i've read through them and they haven't helped.

    with that said, basically here's my situation..
    had v1.1.1 installed installer app then downloaded some stuff, specifically the customizer, i Switcher, and summer dock. The last of which was the iSwitcher, i downloaded it, installed pak 1, everythings still great. now i tried to download pak 2 after the install screen freezes, goes to the home screen and does the loading circle... i tried to rebot, held the sleep and home buttons for over 2 mins, no itunes icon, just remains powered off. now when i restart it it goes back to the home screen with the loading circle.

    How can i reformat this biatch.

    thanks for even reading this far, all help is appriciated
    2007-11-27 01:11 AM
  2. redcard's Avatar
    You need to restore it. Get it into restore mode by holding the sleep and home buttons for around 20 seconds, or until itunes recognises your phone in restore mode.
    2007-11-27 01:16 AM