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    Hi guys, I have an iphone where the lower keys aren't functional. However, the lower keys do work when its on the safari browser. It has version 1.0 (1A543a). Any suggestions on what i can do to fix this keyboard issue.


    2007-11-27 03:50 AM
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    I have the same problem. After upgrading to 1.1.2, and trying to use the keyboard in Contacts, (ie when trying to add the prefs: and to a contackt) I cannot get the " : " and the " .com" button, because the lower keys in the keyboard dont work. I think this is a SW-problem, because the "Slide to unlock" works ok, and the "Call"-button is ok.
    Also, I am not able to downgrade the phone to 1.0.2 (I don't know why) I have two Iphones, and there are no problems with my firs one. But my second have this keyboard problem, and not able to downgrade. (the one who works is a week-39, and the faulty one is a week-37)
    anyone with a similar problem?

    Regards Gorm
    2007-11-29 03:06 PM
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    I did a restore on the phone and upgraded the phone to 1.0.2 and it still has this issue. The thing is that its problem resides when the keyboard is held vertical but in safari when you have the phone horizontal the bottom keys work. Some people have returned the phone to the apple store and got a new iphone but i don't have that luxury since i am not in the US. If i knew where the files are located on the phone then maybe i could overwrite the files of the keyboard with another iphone whose keyboard is working.

    I did a restore to the 1.0.2 but it still has the same issue. I have read here and the apple support site that they simply returned it to the apple store and got a new one. However i don't have that luxury since i am not in the U.S. I have no idea because a restore/update should replace all the files but it seems that the problem is more deeper than that. Its not the screen but the keyboard app itself.
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    2007-11-30 01:44 AM
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    I am facing the same thing.
    Has anyone figured out a solution to this?
    2007-12-02 12:43 PM