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    Sorry I couldn't be more specific in the title, I'm just freaking out a little bit right now. I don't know what happened to my phone but I'm hoping someone can help me. This problem just happened (I'm assuming because I dropped it, but it was from like 3 feet onto carpet) and when I picked it up it said "This accessory is not made to work with iPhone". I clicked past it and slid to unlock, but now my home button doesn't work. It clicks in but it won't register. I know that it's not completely messed up because if I hold the top button and the home button for 7 seconds the phone resets. When I plug the phone into my computer it doesn't register, itunes doesn't do anything, it just says "This accessory..." on my phone and that's it. If I shut it down and then start it up again it says connect ro itunes, but that doesn't work. I can't factory reset it because I can't get itunes to recognize it. I'm kind of freaking out. Is there anywhere I can ssh into it and reset? Any ideas? Thanks guys

    Edit: on top of this it tells me I have no service. I can get wifi but no edge. Did I brick my phone just by dropping it?
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    2008-06-06 04:49 AM
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    try jamming head phones in and out a few times while phone is on
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    2008-06-06 05:03 AM
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    I plugged some headphones in and the AT&T logo showed up in the top left, which is good. But I'm starting to thing maybe I jarred something with the dock connector because it won't charge when I plug it into the outlet charger. Any more ideas? I can't take it to the apple store since I jailbroke it right?
    2008-06-06 05:15 AM
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    you can but it needs to be restored to stock first, can itunes see it? if it can restore. and set up as ne phone i saw a thread about this but i dont remember where keep searching for wht ur phone says "accesory or wht ever
    Hey! A Restore Never Hurts It's True!
    2008-06-06 08:41 AM
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    Thanks man...I'm starting to this it's shot. Like something inside disconnected. It's acting super crazy, like turning off at random times and the button on top not responding to 3 presses. If all else fails I'm gonna see if I can wipe all the 3rd party stuff off through ssh and maybe I'll get a pass. If not, I'm gonna have to pony up like 400 I guess...thanks for the help.

    Okay edit: I did some SSHing and everything is gone off my phone. I got rid of installer, I don't think there are any remnants of tinkering left on my phone. It wasn't a problem with any applications or installer because my problem is still there. My biggest issue right now is that my phone won't turn off, and since the dock doesn't connect I can't charge the thing. Everything I slide to power off it shuts down and then immediately restarts again. SHould I just let it run out of battery? I can't make it to the apple store for like a week...
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    can u put in DFU mode? try to connect to computer if you can put in DFU mode., dont ask me how just search DFU mode
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    2008-06-07 03:13 AM
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    that happened to me try and unistall then reinstall itunes i know it sound's dumb but it worked for me.. my brother's phone wouldn't charge and computer wouldn't recognize it.. i unistalled itunes used ziphone to put the fone in dfu and then reinstalled itunes and presto it was fixed
    2008-06-07 03:56 AM