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    i feel so bad right now. i had unlocked, jailbroken her phone with FW 1.1.1 and reading the success that people were having with upgrading to 1.1.2 and unlocking i thought i give it a try for her. so i was doing well until i had to install oktoprep in 1.1.1 i installed it and upgraded to 1.1.2 ran the jailbreak program and it says ERROR must have oktoprep to jailbreak. and her phone shows only 300 MB before i upgraded to 1.1.2 so i thought ok ill just restore to 1.1.1 and do it over again. but when i connect to itunes the iphone doesnt show up so i try to use winscp so i can install the oktoprep that way and it says Connection refused. so im stuck. i cant downgrade using i tunes and i cant SSH into the phone. any ideas? thanks im desperate
    2007-11-28 05:45 PM