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    Hi guys... sweet site/board!

    I got my iphone yesterday and its running 1.1.1. I have it jailbroken and running on tmobile. I have had a few issues and havent been able to find a resolution.

    1 - How do you remove music after you drag and drop it to the iphone in itunes?

    I accidentally loaded an album twice, but itunes won't let me manage the music on the device. I upgraded to 7.5 but it won't work with my tmobile sim.

    2 - Can someone direct me towards how to load the software to manage the files? I believe i need to load some ssh software...

    I know this is pretty basic stuff but searching the forum has been a lil more technical than my skill set at this point... only had it for a day.

    Anyways... thanks for any help!
    2007-11-28 07:12 PM