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    Hi, I have several pictures I have taken with my phone that are on my "filmreel" that I'd like to transfer to my computer. However, I do not know how. Could someone please tell me? I have iTunes, but I do not know where to go from there...

    Also, can someone tell me how to transfer movies to my phone? I downloaded a movie in AVI format, but I can't seem to click-drag it onto itunes to sync, does anyone know how its done?

    2008-06-10 12:18 AM
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    sync with itunes..Good question, and i believe phone only supports MP4 thats why it wont drag and drop convert using one of the many converting softwares.
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    2008-06-10 03:09 AM
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    use the demo version of touchcopy. i had the same problem with photos being on the film roll and touch copy pulled them all off. i would use ssh to drag and drop the avi onto the iphone unless you convert to MP4 and then itunes will be able to import it

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    2008-06-10 06:04 AM
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    it dosent have a codec to play avi i thought. apple always uses there own format
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    2008-06-10 06:09 AM
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    vlc supports avi
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    2008-06-10 07:39 AM
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    if you have facebook you can always send the picture in an email to the mobile uploads section and then just download it onto your computer... thats what i always do...
    2008-06-10 08:49 AM
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    just plug it in your computer and open it via windows explorer in DCIM folder...

    regarding the video format...download SUPER converter...it will do the trick converting your video to mp4 format...
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    2008-06-10 06:54 PM
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    I see you are using windows XP, well when you connect you iphone the "Autoplay" window pops up click on beowse files navigate to the DCIM folder, you will see your pictures in .jpg format, just copy them onto your hard drive from there

    2008-12-08 10:52 AM
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    2008-12-08 12:22 PM
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    1.) Connect phone to computer
    2.) When phone shows up in MY COMPUTER - double click
    You should now be able to simply drag from the phone to whatever folder you wish on the computer. You can also erase them on the phone. I could not make any new folder on the phone this way.
    What's more, you can refer these articles about transferring iPhone photo to Computer:
    For PC: How to transfer or copy photos from iPhone to Windows
    For Mac: How to transfer photo/picture from iPhone to Mac
    Hope that can help you a lot.
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    2011-12-14 03:37 AM
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    If you can't import photos from your iPhone to your computer (whether Mac of PC), you might want to check to see if you have any photos in the camera roll on your iPhone that did not originate from the iPhone camera (i.e. someone emailed you, taken on another camera, received from your computer, copied from the internet, etc.). If you do then Apple disables your ability to import or sync ANY photos contained on your iPhone until the non-originating photos are removed from the iPhone camera roll. The only work around is to email those non-originating pictures to yourself and then delete them to re-enable your ability to import/sync the remaining photos.
    2012-05-09 05:27 PM