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    hi guys!

    so my POWER BUTTON IS STUCK IN!!! ahhh.
    and i need to take my phone into the mac store
    before my warranty is up (june 29th !!!!)

    i modded early on in the iphone game,
    and never upgraded so i'm still on 1.0.2.

    what is the best way to restore my phone
    to factory settings in order for it to get fixed?

    thanks for all the help in advance!


    p.s. july 11, 2008!

    actually i guess a better question is..

    should i just restore and install 1.1.4 through itunes?
    will that work?
    and also, way back in the day
    i was changing (im bubble colors and unlock buttons etc)
    through springboard/terminal.

    will a restore completely restore these too?
    or will i have to go back in and change it all?

    please please help!
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  2. chillypbear's Avatar
    if you do a complete restore on itunes you should have no problem. It will wipe all the customization you did (sms bubbles, etc.)

    Side note: I hope you are on ATT and can reactivate or whatever (i'm not exactly sure since I am Canadian and had to jailbreak it ).
    2008-06-10 06:07 PM