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    that is the question... and yes that was kinda lame, but i couldn't think up of anything else better for a general conversation...

    Moving on...

    as it is already commonly know that v2.0 is coming out in a month, i find myself very much tempted with the new iphone.

    It really isn't so much of the 3g feature as it is the price. I mean, a 200 dollar price tag is certainly something that catches ones eyes when phones that aren't half as sophisticated in quality or features fetch 3 to 400 dollars.

    I must say damn att and apple for peaking my curiosity...

    However my problem is this: One, i don't like apple software. Without getting into a long song and dance that bears no relevance to the topic, we will leave it as, I don't like apple software. So iTunes is out for me. From what I do understand is that the wonders of jailbreak make itunes obsolete, which is nice.

    Obviously, however the new and improved version will probably take a bit before someone considerably smarter and more able then myself figures out how to crack activate it, i wasn't planning on jumping on the bandwagon on july 11 anyways. I like tech to mature, and leave bleeding edge stuff for the developers.

    I think for this topic of conversation I should express what it is that I want.

    I want a good quality phone I want it to do wifi. I want it to do bluetooth. I want a full html browser. Playing music is nice, but not essential.

    I have no need of a special data plan as I am surrounded by wifi.

    I don't text a whole lot, so a sms plan is again useless to me.

    I like pretty colors and graphics and I find the appeal of no moving parts... appealing...

    Essentially saying that I want to continue to pay 100 dollars or so a month for my wife and myself and have a wickedly good phone that basically does what my other ppc's do, only with more frills.

    i like frills, what i don't like is someone telling me that i need to pay something for a service that I will never ever use.

    Is this doable? Is this realistic? what is the extent of what I can and cannot get away with (i am aware of the new policy that att is sporting concerning activation in store... That in my case and probably many other's cases is easily gotten around, and we will consider it a non-issue).

    I know some of you from modmymoto, and know that the expertise here is top notch. I am in no hurry to do anything at the moment, but figured that now is as good a time as any to start mining for information.
    2008-06-10 08:48 AM