1. 1_iPhone_Lovin_Canadian's Avatar
    i have been waiting forever for this news, and to be able to use edge and now i get the 3G!!!!!!

    Any other Canadaians out there who are as happy as i am about Rogers finally recieving this..?

    2008-06-10 09:10 AM
  2. kerron's Avatar
    Yes I am happy but not happy about the contract signing in store before you can purchase your iphone, I don’t want a contract. It makes no sense in Canada because both Rogers and Fido are getting the iphone because they are the same company and only gsm providers in Canada so it’s not like you can buy it and use your TELUS sim card in it lol...
    2008-06-10 09:26 AM
  3. 1_iPhone_Lovin_Canadian's Avatar
    Very true, but if you sign a new contract, at least us Canadians will finally be able to use 3G or edge, as we were always using other sims and didn't have proper contracts, and now we can actually put the iphones great features to work..............ive always wanted the internet anywhere i went, and know most Americans already have had that for a long time now, i have had to wait.
    2008-06-10 11:22 PM
  4. unlockme's Avatar
    i'm excited about the possibility of a decent data plan for the iphone. not excited about it turning into the next razr.
    2008-06-11 01:04 AM
  5. kerron's Avatar
    im with fido and ive always used edge with my iphone so its nothing new for me its jus a faster speed for surfing when not using wifi... thats the only difference i see
    and im not to excited for it to become the new razr... hopefully the min $70 a month plans u will be required to take as in the states might change that
    2008-06-11 06:33 AM
  6. Neo-Tech's Avatar
    I think everybody is much more happier now since it comes out on the same day for 22 countries, man I am so angry about those people who get it a few hours earllier than me. BAH!

    "Everybody has common sense, but most just don't use it, then you wonder why?" - Neo-Tech
    2008-06-11 07:45 AM