1. viash17's Avatar
    Im looking to do a custom paint job on my iphone 1st gen.( now that im sure im gonna buy the new 3g one and no one in their right mind is going to pay a decent amount for my 1st gen)

    I dont want to do colorware or anything of the sort cause they r too plain. I want to actually paint on some design myself. Any ideas on how to do this and whats the process? as ive read in most other posts while searching on this topic...you cant just paint on it...will probably have to sand it down first or sumthin. any input appreciated.
    2008-06-11 12:04 PM
  2. ChAoS aCiD's Avatar
    hmm, i know there are websites that will do the actual "putting the picture on the back of the phone" thing..
    Reallly expensive tho.
    just google some stuff about it.
    2008-06-11 12:13 PM