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  1. ojx's Avatar
    So winter is here. Today was probably the coldest day in NYC(20F~). i had my iphone on my belt clip and it was exposed on the cold weather for quite a long time (around 3 hours). what i noticed was that the iphone kept on freezing at times like when i used the camera and opened a few programs. I Know the iphone has a temperature zone when it can work or not but i thought 20F was okay but i guess it was too cold. have you guys, in the cold areas of the world, experienced this?
    note that my iphone has been working smoothly in warm areas
    2007-12-02 03:16 AM
  2. RC_OZ's Avatar
    I can set temp on my fridge and freezer. Let me put my Iphone in the fridge and test it out.
    2007-12-02 03:36 AM