1. olashari's Avatar
    Hi. I have iphone 1.1.2. Some numbers which I have saved for example 0300999999 do not display the contact name when i receive sms..as sms is received from the phone in the format +9230099999...if i save the no. as +092300999999 then when i get the call from the no. it does not display name. Please help me out..there was no problem such as this in my earler phones and used to display contact name in whatever way i saved it
    2007-12-02 09:03 AM
  2. fat x nub's Avatar
    im confused....try to re-word the explanation
    2007-12-02 05:45 PM
  3. safwa009's Avatar
    I have the same issue...i have all my contacts with + Country Code (Area Code) Telephone Number...so when any one calls me i get the telephone number only but not the name...i am runing unlocked 1.1.2 and i don't see this being fixed in 1.1.2...so if anybody has the same issue and solved it...hit us up with the solution..

    2007-12-05 11:34 AM
  4. kskhalid's Avatar
    I have the same issue, i have to store all the contact twice, with + country code and without. but this is very painful, any solution?
    2010-06-25 07:06 AM