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    I just bought a new iphone in the US . Firmware version shows up as 04.02.13_G . I do not know how to find out the bootloader version. Please let me know if my phone can be unlocked or not . Besides, I want to activate the iphone wihtout using the AT&T connection. So to summarize my growing fears about my purchase I need answers to the following :
    1) Can I unlock my iphone ( purchased before 11/30/2007 with firmware ver. 04.02.13_G ... do not know the bootloader version ) ?
    2) Is there anyway to flash the OS to a downgraded version to activate and unlock it ?
    3) I only get 2 screens now.. one with the picture of the connector and one for emergency calls.. where do i go from here ?
    2007-12-02 08:30 PM
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    With a baseband of 04.02.13_G you have firmware 1.1.2.

    I do not think you can unlock your phone to work with UK sims (or any sim other than AT&T) but you can jailbreak it to run 3rd party apps.

    You can do a more thorough search on this forum for unlocking out of the box 1.1.2 phones.
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    2007-12-02 10:37 PM