1. Tigran323's Avatar
    Hi , my iphone dose not have really good singnal, and im a truck driver so i really need good signal. I had this iphone which was unlocked and it could also use other companys satellites. So when i was out of cingular reach it would use diffrent comparys. But my phone started to work bad so i took it to the iphone store, and they gave me a new iphone can u guys help me do that with my new phone to plz. Thx a lot. And if possible help today cause i have to go of tommorw to get my load.
    2007-12-02 08:08 PM
  2. doogee's Avatar
    Do a search on the forums in the Jailbreak/Unlocking section and you'll find what you need.
    2007-12-05 08:41 AM