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    Sorry Noob here. I have been trying to connect my iphone (unlocked 1.1.1-tmobile) to itunes after having my buddy get it unlocked (have no idea what software was used) and for some reason it connects to my pc (windows xp-itunes 7.5) and allows me to get the pics off but in Itunes it shows iphone on the screen but all options to sync (in file) are gray. It does not show me any info with regards to iphone memory, etc. so basically i am using this as a phone and getting no ipod usage. I have googled for a few days between raising the baby and I have found nothing that helps. Someone please advise, sorry for the speech but I hardly have time to be online with the baby and all. Thanks!!!

    ***Please let me know if this is in the wrong area and I will try and move it to the right spot***
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