1. chrissurra's Avatar
    I just saw a comercial about go phone from ATT which is unlimited talk and text for 19.99 a month.

    Would it be possible to cancel my att contract and use this for only 20? Then pay for what little data I use too?
    2007-12-05 12:35 AM
  2. iphonejeff's Avatar
    yea but u got to pay like $200 to cacel ur contract...
    2007-12-05 12:54 AM
  3. HotStuff2's Avatar
    Wait, what "Go Phone" for $19.99/month that has UNLIMITED talk and text?!?!?!? I pay $74.99 + tax (after my FAN discount) per month for unlimited minutes. I'd drop it in a heartbeat for a $20/month plan!!!!
    2007-12-05 02:33 AM
  4. chrissurra's Avatar
    That was my thinking Im paying about 90 a month for unlimited texts and 450 rollover min, if I can get unlimited texts and minutes it would be worth it to cancel the contract. It would only take about ~6 months to break even.
    2007-12-05 04:09 AM
  5. HotStuff2's Avatar
    I'm not even in contract (old grandfathered plan), so it wouldn't cost me a dime. I scoured the AT&T website, but there's nothing about it on there. Somehow, I don't see AT&T offering an "unlimited talk and text" prepaid plan for $19.99/month, not even if the "unlimited" is only to other AT&T customers (much less to anyone on any other carrier.)
    2007-12-05 04:56 AM