1. justinluv949's Avatar
    Im going to get an iphone this weekend.what does jailbreaking the phone do, and what will the different applications do for me. im going to buy the iphone and sign up with att and go with the 79.99 plan 900min & unlimited data is this the way to go or what
    thank you,
    2007-12-05 06:23 AM
  2. cpjr's Avatar
    Jailbreaking will allow you access to the phone to install 3rd party apps and mod your visuals and sounds. What will the apps do for you? Well, depends on what you want, there are plenty of things out there if you are interested in any of it, take a look around and decide if its worth it to you, in my opinion I couldnt enjoy my phone nearly as much now, without the modding
    2007-12-05 06:42 AM