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    Just received a brand new iphone sealed with Serial #7V741HH9YH6. I opened it thinking it was going to be a 1.1.1 version, but once i turned it on it was 1.1.2 cause of the different languages showing up. I checked the pref's on the phone and it was confirmed with 1.1.2 with 4.02.13-G Firmware. So it seems that Apple is starting to release all phones with 1.1.2 even on the older weeks. I also received 2 other phones with week 43 listed on the serial number and those came out 1.1.1 when i opened them. This might not happen to all the older version phones but im guessing they will soon all be like that.
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    2007-12-06 12:14 AM
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    Sorry, not "new" news. This is already well-known. Week 39/40 was the last of the "all 1.1.1"; Week 41+ they started shipping 1.1.2 on some iPhones depending on the manufacturing plant. By week 45 all iPhones had it no matter where it was made.

    However, you should still have the old 3.9 or 4.02 Bootloader, AFAIK.
    2007-12-06 01:31 PM