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    Have him go and just swap it out assuming the Genius can find a swapable issues.
    hey cWanja, so heres my question. my friend gave my his iphone 3g 16 gb. it turns out button on the top of the iphone works like 30% of the time and when i plug in my earphones i can only hear it on one side (there nothing rong with the earphones). i calld the app store and i have a genius appoinment in an apple store.
    1)I jsut wondering if i needed any type of proof of purchase or a contract or any of that type of thing because i dont have a sim card in it. the apple wrker that calld me said i wld prlly get a replacement

    2)if i need a simcard can a borro one frmo my friend and use it?

    3) the 3g 16gb iphone isnt sold any more so if im elligible for a replacement, what will it be? a refurbished one or a 3gs?

    I wld REALLY appreciate a reply
    thnx a lot man!
    2009-12-18 01:02 AM
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