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    Ok, first off I have a week 43 4gb iPhone that was "anySim" unlocke..In the morning I had made and recieved a few calls without any issue. By the afternoon i went to make another call and it said "This iPhone cannon make or recieve calls" then a few min later i have no idea why it said " Incorrect Sim, insert an unlocked and valid sim" i didnt know what to do so i updated to 1.1.2 and bricked it. i have followed the steps to downgrade the firmware back to 1.0.2 and once i jailbroke and activated my phone it came back with the "no wifi" in the settings menu. Then i read that i had to downgrade my baseband to bring it back. so i even downgraded the baseband back to 03.14.08_G but to no avail an nothing i have tried has brought back my wifi. Everything on my iPhone works, except the phone and the wifi...i can even sync it with itunes...if anyone knows a way to bring back the wifi or even to get the virginizing files and downgrade files from the i.unlock.no repository and use ibrikr to upload them...please help..
    2007-12-06 04:12 PM