1. klown's Avatar
    Everytime I tried to connect my iphone to my PC, it shuts the PC down and reboots. The only thing different I noticed is that the device comes up as a Digital still camera. Does this indicate that my power supply is going bad? The last program I tried to run was Ibriker.
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    2008-06-21 07:37 AM
  2. bomiz96's Avatar
    Well I think that happened to me for a digitcal camera but not the computer thing. but sicne it shuts down when your phones on, You could try to plug it in off and while its on the apple boot logo try putting it in dfu mode or recovery mode witch ever works.
    2008-06-21 07:41 AM
  3. klown's Avatar
    I figured out what it was. I had some old logitech drivers installed. I think it was causing some kind of conflict.
    2008-06-21 08:04 AM