1. goastros's Avatar
    I learned the hard way today something totally amazing about this beautiful device. I was using my unlocked tmobile iPhone today, something i've done everyday for the last 3 months, and the dreaded restore iphone with the yellow sign suddenly came up and it would not go away. I freaked out but managed to restore it, jailbreak it, and go through the process of getting my phone back to what it was...Here is where i was pleasantly surprised... when I put my phone in iTunes, it kindly asked me if I wanted to restore the iPhone to how it was in its previous sync. i clicked yes and bam!!! it automatically remembers the iPhones previous settings and sinked the my music, movies, photos, mail accounts, background image, safari bookmarks, calandar, text messages i thought i lost, contacts, histories for safari and google maps, weather, everything...it was all there!!! it was so easy that it almost made it fun that my phone broke. the only thing not restored was my tmobile edge settings but no biggie. i can't believe that even my mobilechat accounts were still there. way to go jobs, way to go.
    2007-12-07 08:09 AM
  2. Tomer's Avatar
    yea, if ur phone screws up, just sync it before u restore it, and even the last SMS u received will be saved
    2007-12-07 08:18 AM
  3. goastros's Avatar
    no, it was completely frozen. As in the phone went into restore mode with the black screen and the yellow sign so obviously I couldn't synk it.
    2007-12-07 08:27 AM