1. rodinman's Avatar
    Coming from the Razr modding community I am finding it very hard to do any mods to my iphone. I am used to basically plug and play..lol This go here, downlaod this, springboard, baseboard, downgrade, upgrade, jailbreak etc, has me baffled beyond imagination. I got my phone week 47, in hopes that I could mod it as I did my Razr. Boy was I mistaken..lol I bought a stealthsim and am going crazy go nuts trying to figure out how to jailbreak it and use the stealthsim. To be honest, I activated it on a gophone plan and for the price of the plan that I selected and the added MEdiaNet Unlimited, iPhone PYP Data Plan and Text Messaging Unlimited, I really do not see a reason to tamper with it. I would like to add some background images and utilize some of the adds that I have seen here and there. I guess more reading is needed to fully understand.
    2007-12-07 11:29 AM