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    After moving to 1.1.3 code using ziphone I was able to restore notes, etc from a backup using iTunes. Is the same possible when moving to 1.1.4? Reading around the answer seems to be no, but I want to be sure. I would be planning on using ilibertyx this time around, given what I've read over time.

    If not possible in an automated way (such as via itunes), is it possible to restore these things my extracting the sqlite dbs from itunes backups and replacing them on the phone? Or perhaps by copying the dbs, etc manually off the phone prior to upgrade and then back on afterwards? Ideally I'm after keeping (in order of importance):

    1. Notes.
    2. Known wifi networks.
    3. SMS conversations.
    4. Home screen settings and other cruft (not really fussed).

    Unless the db formats, etc have changed I would have thought this were possible but I'm always cautious with my upgrades. All advice appreciated. I have no qualms with reading up on whatever's necessary if people can point me to appropriate docs.

    2008-06-22 01:12 PM