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    I read couple weeks ago an article about a British guy who saved and downloaded a UK map to his iphone and could browse it without having to use wifi and or his phone line. I like that idea. I would like to have the US/Canada maps (or just specific states), load them onto the /var/root/* partition where there is more space, and be able to use iPhone's Maps or Safari to browse them. If needed, we can use Apache with Safari or if there is a way to load them through Maps that would be cool. This is good if someone has unlocked his iphone and does not want his carrier to charge him a fortune for using traffic. Or when WiFi is not available.

    Any one has tried something along these lines?
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    2007-12-09 01:15 AM
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    What was the British link?

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    2007-12-10 02:55 AM
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    What was the British link?
    I believe the website is:


    Check it out and let me know ...
    2007-12-10 06:41 AM
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    Ah.. that'd be some work, but possible. Your issue would be size, since as he said Central London took 60 MB of size, and even that causes Maps.app to crash every once in a while (although, as he mentioned also, that's nothing major, you just open it back up). Imagine running an entire state... you'd be looking at hundreds of MB of cached data, which could cause Maps to crash even more often, and quickly eat up space.

    Although, the other side of that is that most folk stick to a general area, so you could load just the maps for your extended area and perhaps be all right... hmm.

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    2007-12-10 09:12 PM
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    thanks for linking us here PF
    but i was wondering
    if u have a guide or can create one that is alot more simple to understand or smomthing
    i read a bit of that and
    it was like another language to me
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