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    Hey everyone,

    Thanks for all the support on iDemocracy. The donations are flowing nicely and the download count has crossed 200,000, which is a big milestone.
    However, there's a single request that I'm getting hundreds of emails over, and that is a video guide on YouTube.

    I'd make one myself, but I've got a hundred other things to do on top of managing iDemocracy and I really haven't got the time to sit down and make a clean, nicely edited video...

    And thusly, I'm calling upon you guys. I know there's a lot of you out there who have made YouTube videos before or at least have some experience in screencasting or whatever.

    What's in it for you, do you ask? Well...
    1. You get a mention in the Thanks pages on iDemocracy and on the site.
    2. Your video gets a huge link on the site's front page (which gets thousands of hits per day, and upto 16,000 on update/release dates).
    3. Your video will get thousands of views very quickly.
    4. I will link to your website if you have one.
    5. (this is the big one) I'll let you into the private beta that iDemocracy 3 (yes, THREE) will have in early 2008. This is going to be closed to the public and available to only some choice, trusted developers that I personally know, and you have an opportunity to get in on this (as long as you promise to keep the big features quiet until they're public).

    So, if you have a little time on your hands and some good screen-recording software in your hands, please send me an email or PM.

    Send me an email with the video attached or uploaded to a file sharing site or whatever BEFORE posting it to YouTube. I would like to review it first before linking to it from the site and all that. And the video has to be GOOD; making a 2 minute runthrough will NOT get you into the Private Beta program

    Have fun, and try to be as detailed as possible

    -- Drakenza
    ([email protected])

    Anshu Chimala
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    2007-12-09 12:16 AM
  2. luiz's Avatar
    What should the guide describe? Every single task or only some of them... Please give more information...
    2007-12-26 12:03 PM