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  1. sasser010503's Avatar
    i m new in fourums but i followed every moding since always, like underground
    well i unlock like 200 iphones in honduras 1.02, 1.1.1, 1.1.2 upgraded
    well in some point today i was anysim 1.2u for iphones upgraded and accidentally i connect it to itunes, well it freeze, then i put it in dfu and restore to 1.1.1 i was in 1.1.2, so everithing fine till a message comes up in the iphone telling go to apple store your iphone nedds repair contact to or something, but in the IPHONE, so i tried to restore to 1.02 no errors, strange, but wen i appinstall and pacay rare thing my bb was wtf, weird im tring right now on a oob lets hope and prey
    my msn is [email protected] if u want to ask something conect im conected, sorry my english by the way
    2007-12-10 04:09 AM
  2. Digital Oxygen's Avatar
    Keep us upated.
    Search NAZI
    2007-12-10 04:28 AM
  3. Bad2049's Avatar
    Are you refering to the baseband or the bootloader? The baseband isn't the problem, but the bootloader is. After reading what you posted 4 times to make sure I read everything right, I came to the conclusion that you are refering to the baseband and not the bootloader. You had me getting all excited too.
    2007-12-10 05:09 AM
  4. sasser010503's Avatar
    what i ment sorry for the english is that errors different and the message it was strange, also that if we managge to make the same thing when tring to erase the bb with ierase maybe just maybe will corrupt the bl, cause i corrupt something thats for sure, and when i downgrade it was forced to downgrade bb as well something that u cannot do witout the seckpack, so we can downgrade bb with the firmware, or something , sorry the english
    2007-12-10 05:48 AM
  5. yowiphone's Avatar
    Iphone Love... I dreamed of a iphone before it was out..
    2007-12-10 05:54 AM
  6. laki007's Avatar
    Hi I got OOB iPhone in Last Week its come with 04.06 B.L I tried to reverginise and Erase the baseband But its noy working Why is that

    help us
    [email protected]
    2007-12-11 04:47 AM
  7. texasaggie1's Avatar
    So whats the word bro? Does it work or not?
    2007-12-14 08:54 PM