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    I think the main reason why they "need" to sell it without activation is because they do not want to lose profit for those who are waiting in line trying to buy one. You see, if the activation process was in the stores and you must sign a contract there, they'll have so many people asking questions all at different times that not much will be able to get the iphone as well. AT&T is indeed profit-focused and I really am disgusted of that. I am 16 and I do want to buy this new iphone but I don't want to be contracted to AT&T's service because the majority of my friends and in my family have T-Mobile as a dominant cellular service provider. Penalized? For what? Not activating it? It's funny how we buy such a great phone and then have restrictions to what we can do with it. Of course Apple made it but we bought it so we would have all rights over it no? I don't think it's fair to people out there who wanted this phone since last year. I am still contemplating on whether or not I should purchase this for myself with my aunt or uncle.
    2008-06-26 10:04 PM
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    Ok here is what happened for all those who think I am lame.

    I called FOUR Apple Stores and spoke to five different people. ALL of them said $199/299 (Yes I made an error in the post sorry we all make mistakes) with no mention of a fee after the fact, which I have no idea how they would hold it up. What if you REALLY were giving it as a gift? The other person has to pay $100, or you do later regardless, or if they never activate they just charge another $100 to your card? What if it's lost in the mail before the recipient gets it? Sounds like a logistical nightmare to me.

    I also spoke with THREE ATT wireless store reps at 2 stores and they said I could walk out the store with it for $199/299 "as a gift" "I'll activate when I move next week" whatever the excuse and never mentioned any "non-activation" fee.

    I also spoke with an online Apple Store employee who gave me info he was not supposed to, i.e. they would be available for sale at the online store a few weeks after launch. Same price, no after the non-act fee statement.

    Now all these people could be wrong and if I reported on something which I did my research on, it wouldn't be the first time a journalist (and yes I am for 16 years now) has made a mistake, and if it is I apologize for it.

    I did due diligence as best I could and through MANY sources reported on what I received back as identical answers from different sources. I did not say I dictate pricing or have any control over anything besides what I research and report on. I run an iPhone and PC/Mac support site so that's the reason for the lack of posts so as not to offend poetic, and the statements I made do not mean I can't be "trusted." If anything it means there is still a lot of confusion out there from people who should know, and that's what I was told, so I told all of you.

    End of story, I will wait just like everyone else to see how this plays out. FYI two of the ATT people said the phone was not subsidized by them at all for whatever that info is worth. Coming from me at this point and knowing how vicious forum posters who have never met other posters can be to each other, I would assume not much.

    Again if I am wrong it was from professional source checking and I apologize if my info was bad. It Happens. It sucks when it does, but it does to the best of them.

    2008-06-26 10:49 PM
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    AppleInsider | Apple memo coaches employees on iPhone 3G launch questions

    For those who can't read more than 10 words at a time before losing interest: They're still ironing out how they're going to sell them. Stop calling AT&T/Apple stores, they don't know anything and now have a nice little 17 common question pamphlet to deal with impatient people like those who call 4 different stores.

    And now, choice quotes from said memo:

    If a customer asks why they should buy an iPod touch if they can get more bang for their buck by buying an iPhone 3G (which includes all the functionality of an iPod touch), employees are instructed to respond by saying the "iPhone 3G is offered at such a terrific price because, like most cell phones, it requires a 2-year carrier contract."
    Meanwhile, Apple is keeping its employees -- like the rest of the world -- in the dark about first-day activation procedures. Should a customer ask whether it's true that iPhone 3G activation will have to take place in the store, then inquire about buying one without in-store activation, retail staffers should say: "I don’t have any details at this time about activation."
    People familiar with Cupertino-based company's plans say the iPhone maker will hold worldwide retail meetings on July 6th to begin conveying official launch procedures to its staff.
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    I'm a helpful jerk, fear me.
    2008-06-27 12:56 AM
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    i still wish they'd give current iphone subscribers something in return, like $20 at the appstore or something.
    why would they do that its been over a year/nearly since the last iphone was realsed thats like when a movie comes out and the sequel comes out a year later you dont want you money back so why would you do the same with a phone
    "Its better to be a pirate than join the navy"Steve Jobs
    2008-06-27 03:44 AM
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    Wanna know how to get around this? There's a way. If you can get out the door for $199 you're gone........... no penalizing.

    PF = PM
    2008-06-27 05:03 AM
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    can't believe you posted this from someone that has 3 post, and then when someone questioned it you said you called and confirmed it with AT&T and apple? Sounds like you made it up for traffic to your website? and a typo would be like misspelling a word not a full statement.
    Quit being a lame, You have too much time on your hands to think of a stupid scheme like that
    2008-06-27 08:56 AM
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    damni would have gladly told you guys wats up with that since i was the one leaking crap last year but i got fired back in jan.... oh well
    2008-06-27 01:26 PM
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    My 1st gen. is way better than the 3g now....i wont buy till nov. maybe xmas..
    2008-06-27 01:42 PM
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    I dont know. SHould i get the 3g iphone at 199 or 299. I just signed a contract with at&t like 3-4 months ago. so I dont really care just adding another 3 months. or should i get it not activate?
    2008-06-27 05:13 PM
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